Process consultation



The IT industry offers a great number of solutions to any business, regardless of the area, location, or company size. Tech infrastructure significantly impacts product creation, internal workflow, and customer loyalty.

To set the IT infrastructure, you no longer need to hire full-time IT specialists. With Offshore Development centers, you can hire a remote team that will perfectly match your digital business.


To start the business, the entrepreneur has to study the market: the needs of the target audience, strong and weak sides of competitors’ products. You also need to calculate the estimated expenses and revenues. Market research and development are equally important, and it’s better to put them in the hands of professionals.

Argent business process consultation will help you to solve all types of digital needs:

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT FROM SCRATCH: Our analysts will study the market and make the necessary calculations. Together with the development team, they will decide on the functionality and create the development roadmap. Following the Agile principles, we will take over the product development and maintenance within your budget. 

IMPROVING BUSINESS PROCESSES: If you already have a product, but it requires modernization, we will help you to improve it. Our team will help you to improve the architecture and optimize the software performance. In addition, we will develop a digital strategy that will allow using the latest technologies to deliver high-quality IT products.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Introducing modern technologies in your everyday work, reduce operational costs, improve the business consultation process, build innovative products, and gain competitive advantages.



Since 2016, Argent has helped companies to design and implement IT strategies for achieving their business goals. We provide the entire stack of IT-related services — planning, design, development, and maintenance of tech solutions.

  •  Software development & modernization extension team
  •  Digital transformation extension team
  • Setting up a dedicated team of any level of developers and managers in Ukraine
  •  Organizing a Research & Development (R&D) center
  • IT Recruiting and IT-Relocation services on a turn-key basis



Since 2016, Argent helps companies to design and implement IT strategies for achieving their business goals. We provide the full stack of IT-related services — planning, design, development and maintenance of tech solutions.

In our work, we value excellence. So we not only set the teams — we lead our customers to success. That is why we dive into clients’ businesses and help them to create a well-rounded process for business development consultation.

Our working principles are:

CLIENT’S NEEDS FIRST: Starting the work with a new client, we study the specifics of their business strategy and market. We develop a business plan including the calculation of potential opportunities and risks. This helps us to define if the skills of the customer’s team correspond to market demands and to offer ways of optimization

DETAILED PLANNING: We examine the current workflow of your company and analyze the difference between the actual and the desired way the things are. Together with the customer, we create the roadmap of achieving the desired results. We will set up the work according to your goals and project, put the plan into action and lead you to the result. 

WORK ON AGILE PRINCIPLES: In our work, we use Scrum and Kanban methodologies. They help us to establish flexible and predictable cooperation with the customer’s side. Introducing Agile in a company’s everyday work helps to increase the speed and quality of services and constantly improve and optimize the working performance.