Terms Of Use

By using this website, you agree with our Terms of Use explained on this page. If you disagree with our Terms of Use, please do not use our website. Argent provides IT dedicated teams building services within the specified work plan and milestones.

The terms of any agreement are valid 30 days after signing by the Customer. After the expiration of this period, Argent reserves the right to modify the agreement and resubmit it for approval.

The client agrees to pay the Argent Team all the fees within the project plan, including the associated taxes.

All the invoices are to be paid within five days of receipt unless otherwise agreed. Any additional cost is paid separately. The payment is made according to the schedule specified in the agreement.

Scope change is an official request made by the client to expand or reduce the functionality of any feature. It generally involves the necessity to adjust the costs, the app architecture, or the timeline. Any request for volume changes should be in writing and fully describe the required changes. Argent team will provide a response detailing the changes in budget and delivery dates.

Argent team will make an effort to meet all the milestones according to the project plan. However, in case of any delay, we will notify the Customer by email. The client should provide any necessary information, approvals, and materials in time. Any delays caused by the Customer will result in a corresponding extension of the milestone. Delays caused by events beyond the control of either party (natural disasters, fire, acts of government, war, terrorism, or epidemic) are not considered a breach of the agreement. Instead, the result of the delays is an extension of the corresponding milestones.

Before release, the Argent team does some final touches before presenting the team to the client. The client is to approve or reject the deliverables within seven business days. Any rejections are made in the written form detailing the objections.

The client is responsible for timely notification of any changes to the project.

Argent is entitled to place an accreditation hyperlink on each page of the final deliverables unless agreed otherwise. Argent reserves the right to reproduce the deliverables and be credited with authorship for using portfolios, websites, and media for advertising and professional recognition.

Any information that the client or Argent team considers confidential should be treated as such whether covered by copyright, patent, or not. Furthermore, the personal data should be used only within the project, without disclosing it to a third party.

Argent reserves the right to use third-party services. Our team retains full responsibility for meeting project requirements. The client has the right to involve other parties in the development of the product.

Argent liability is limited to sums paid to us by the Customer. At no condition, Argent can be liable for any damage and/or losses the Customer may get.

Argent will provide commercially reasonable assistance in updating and maintenance of the product and correcting any issues. Any additional work will pay according to our rates. Deliverables that were edited by third parties lose their right to Argent’s support within the warranty period.

Argent Team reserves the right to change the Terms at any time. Any changes are posted on this page.