How to Hire a Dedicated Developer in 4 steps

These days, every enterprise wants to hire dedicated developers to get the job done. They go for overseas engineers because it’s cheap, and there are better chances of getting the best talent.

Wondering how you can hire dedicated programmers for your firm?

This article will walk you through 4 simple ways to hire a dedicated developer that will meet and surpass your expectations.

Step# 1 Connecting with remote (overseas) developers

When outsourcing, connect with excellent coders that meet your requirements. For this, you have two options:

  • Find the coders yourself (which is veritably daunting and demanding).
  • Get an expert recruiting company (vendor) to help you find the right candidates. A bit pricey, but will save you lots of time and trouble.

Employing software engineers in a foreign land can be grueling for you. So it’s recommended to get a local staffing organization to find these coders – option 2.

Step# 2 Provide all design details and specifications

You’ll get better results from your local expert employer when you can provide them with sufficient data on what your needs are.

Employers will get you the best coders when your specifications are clear and well understood from the beginning. Specify all your expectations in the job and present all written records.

Step #3 Conducting one-on-one Interviews

Now organize one-on-one interviews with your potentially new prospective candidates to see if they fit your criteria.

Focus on the applied skills of these coders. But more importantly, verify that these new programmers fit the culture and work ethic of your current team (if you have one).

Step #4 Getting ready for work

About half the battle is won after you’ve successfully hired highly dedicated programmers that meet your needs. The other half is getting these inventors ready for work.

These are some guidelines for getting your new employees ready to work;

  • Develop a working information  interchange strategy.
  • Perform an introduction of team members.
  • Specify the task tools and describe the environment they will be working  in.


To get a great coder, you only need to implement the steps highlighted in this article. This is a great blueprint to help you put the right team together, for the best results.