Argent team provides offshoring software development services based on your individual needs. We take over recruitment and team-building processes. If you are interested in hiring Ukrainian developers for work on your premises, we will help you with relocation.

You can hire an IT professional, including developers, QA engineers, analysts, DevOps engineers, and UI\UX designers. Our developers are working with all modern programming languages: C++, C#, Java, Python, Javascript, etc. If your project stack includes some rarer languages, we will hire any specialists according to your requirements.

Argent has an office in Kyiv where our team works. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our employees currently work from home. However, if your project requires specialists in your office, we can arrange the hiring and relocation of a Ukrainian developer to your country.

The Argent team takes overall recruitment and administrative processes. We also cover vacations, sick leaves, team-building events, corporate parties, education, etc. Our legal and accounting specialists will also handle all issues connected with taxing and running the business in Ukraine. Thus, you can avoid paying additional fees for administrative support for your dedicated teamwork.

Yes, we will happily arrange your trip and meet you in person. If you wish to visit our office, let us know about it, and we will assist you with further steps. 

We make everything to keep your dedicated team satisfied and productive. Our HR managers handle team-building activities, cover educational events and professional training. 

You are the only manager of your dedicated team. You can assign a project manager from your home office, or we can hire a local team member to manage the work of your dedicated team.

Yes, we can host as many team members as your project requires. In addition, you can request to expand the team at any time.

The software developers you hire work on our premises, but the product of their work belongs to you. Therefore, when hiring our developers, we sign NDA.

Usually, the recruitment process takes about 4-8 weeks, but rare skills and technologies might take a bit longer.

Our usual security measures include limited access to our offices, firewall, antivirus, and password protection. Any additional security measures can be added upon your request.