E-learning Development Services for Startups & Growing Companies

Since its advent in the 1920s and its earliest significant invention – the PLATO – in 1960, e-learning has seen tremendous development. According to Statista, the global e-learning industry will surpass the $243 billion mark by 2022, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

E-learning has moved past educational institutions and is establishing its authority in the corporate world. Currently, many entrepreneurs are adopting it for employee training, as it brings in a more flexible way of developing employee skills. Furthermore, it accommodates every lifestyle and allows individuals to learn at their pace, which further fuels its popularity.

Start-ups and growing companies can particularly benefit from increased productivity, which is why seeking eLearning software development is an excellent move.

How Argent Can Help

Argent is an e-learning software development company offering startups and growing companies custom e-learning solutions that reshape the business world. We have a talented team of expert developers who will create bespoke corporate learning software that streamlines company training while making it more engaging.

To offer the highest quality products, we will code adhering to the industry’s best practices and according to industry-specific data regulations.

The industries we serve:

  • Corporate industry

Our corporate e-learning solutions allow companies to keep up with the latest industry trends, boosting growth and ensuring the organization remains relevant in the ever-evolving business world. 

  • Education industry

Online schools and skills development centers can leverage our custom e-learning solutions to instill knowledge on the uneducated and individuals actively searching for better job opportunities.

  • E-learning startups

Leverage technology and our e-learning software to provide coaching and training services to business professionals as well as certified programs to students. As one of the best eLearning software companies, we will develop a bespoke program that stays true to your brand and showcases you as a thought leader in your niche. 

Some of the digital learning development services we offer include:

  • Learning Management Systems

Stay on top of end-to-end corporate training programs with a robust learning management system. The program facilitates skill-based training, allowing companies to deliver customized learning plans to their employees.

  • E-learning Gamification solutions

“Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Our custom eLearning development takes a more fun approach, creating feature-rich eLearning gamification applications. These solutions incorporate gaming tactics that maximize enjoyment while learning, boosting participation.

  • Digital Publishing Platform

We will develop an excellent digital publishing application that places you among eLearning startups giants. These platforms allow businesses to publish training articles for easier access by their employees.

  • E-learning apps

Allow individuals to take in knowledge on the go with high-performance e-learning applications. We use a responsive design to ensure they are accessible from desktop and mobile devices of all sizes, offering an excellent user experience.

  • Knowledge management systems

Create an in-house repository on your knowledge management system for all tutorials and other skill-based learning materials. Also, store relevant business data, presenting your employees with a single platform to access the information they need to ensure a smooth-running of company processes.

Tech Stack

As an experienced education software development company, we have a vast knowledge of different tech-stacks. Before the onset of a development project, we will identify the ideal front-end and back-end tools to deliver flexibility and unparalleled performance. 

Python, MEVN, MEAN, ASP.NET, and LAMP are only a few of the tech-stack models we use. We have an in-depth understanding of a bunch more.

Reach out to us for more information on our services.